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Veria Law can assist with your corporate legal needs.


Our lawyers are well versed in business law, including incorporations, joint ventures, charitable societies and partnerships.  We pride ourselves in catering our services to the unique needs of each business with whom we work.


Depending on your needs we can provide advice on the formation of your business or can assist in the preparation of corporate resolutions, shareholder agreements, commercial leases, and corporate re-organizations.

Veria Law laweyers are experienced in all types of business sales and acquisitions of any size.  We have the experience and expertise to help you through the process.  Acquiring or selling a company is a major process and requires considerable legal expertise in numerous fields, not just in the preparing and drafting of the numerous documents that are required, but also in advising in practical terms on the easiest  routes forward given the myriad elements that must be taken into account.  We can offer experienced and practical legal advice.

Corporate and Business Law: Practices
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