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Collaborative Family Law is a structured, respectful process to seek resolution of family law issues.  Parties experiencing family breakdown who participate in the Collaborative Family Law process agree not to proceed through the court system to resolve any disputes.  Rather, the parties agree to participate in a structured dispute resolution process with the assistance of their Registered Collaborative Family Lawyers.  


Vincent Tong is Veria Law's Registered Collaborative Family Lawyer and a member of the Collaborative Divorce Alberta Association.  Vince blends his years of experience litigating disputed family law matters with a pragmatic and reasonable approach to conflict resolution through the Collaborative Family Law process.


Keep in mind that to fully participate in the Collaborative Family Law process, both parties must retain their own Registered Collaborative Family Lawyers.  Veria Law can assist with referrals to other Registered Collaborative Family Lawyers.

Collaborative Family Law: Practices
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